The Netgear Setup Wizard is the web interface that deals with the admin login and router configuration process. The user can configure, customize, control, monitor and even repair their network themselves with the help of the Netgear Setup Wizard. After successfully logging in to the router, the user will gain access to the advanced features of the router. Some of the advanced features are as followed:

NETGEAR Setup Wizard Features-

  • Advanced QoS (Quality of Service) – This feature allows the router to reach maximum bandwidth and makes sure that there is no latency or any errors with the network. Basically, the QoS feature controls and manages network resources and is applied for network traffic that deals with online gaming, video streaming, VoIP and more to make sure that the user doesn’t face any lag or delay with their network usage.
  • MU-MIMO (Multi User, Multi Input Multi Output) – This feature allows the router to communicate with each device simultaneously. This decreases the time the devices have to wait for the signal and speeds up the whole network. This technology basically increases the overall efficiency and capacity of the router, which in turn allows the router to handle much more intensive Wi-Fi activities on different devices.
  • Guest Network – This feature allows the user to create different networks if the use wishes to share their internet with any guests without having to share their main network and its shared contents. This way, the user can share their internet with any guests by creating alternate networks for a limited period of time without having to constantly worry about sharing their main network and the contents shared on it.
  • Parental Controls – This feature allows the user to restrict certain websites or block any inappropriate content. This makes the network much more secure. The user can even limit the access to the internet on any particular device for a certain period of time.
  • Media Prioritization – This feature allows the user to provide more bandwidth to a particular device that they wish to use. This way, if the user is playing any online games or streaming high quality videos, they will not suffer any lag or delay with the network.