The Netgear router can be configured using the web based interface i.e. the Setup Wizard. The user can gain access to the Setup Wizard using the web domain Once the user has successfully logged in to their network using by entering the default information regarding their router, the user will gain access to a huge array of advanced features which can be used to configure, control, customize, monitor and even repair their network. Some of the advanced features are as followed:

  • Parental Controls – The user can use this feature to restrict certain websites or block any inappropriate content on their network. The user can also limit the access of internet on any particular device that they wish.
  • Guest Network – This feature allows the user to create alternate networks for a limited period of time for any guests or visitors visiting their place. If any guest wishes to use the user’s internet, the user can create another network (other than their main network) for the guests to use with different username and password for a limited period of time. This way, the user’s main network and its shared contents will be kept secure and out of reach from the visitors’ hands.
  • Media Prioritization – This feature allows the user to prioritize the bandwidth on any particular device that they wish which requires high internet usage. This way, the user can play high end games online or stream high quality videos on their device without any delay or lag.

With the help of these advanced features, the user can configure their network to better secure their network as they please.