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Assign the IP address to a specific device or computer using Smart wizard and Netgear Genie 

Genie is a software that allows very sophisticated access to the basic information about your setup routers including all the models launched by the NETGEAR. At times you want to change the basic pieces of information and your personal details, like the IP address and the password, you can change anytime by login into the GUI of the router as well. Earlier the Genie app can only be work with wired connections but the latest update in its software has made it possible for all the users to use the Genie app in wireless connections as well. 

Whereas the smart setup wizard is used by all types of smart devices to create and design a dedicated installation and configuration path. This type of installation is directly related to the straight-to-device installations, active synchronisation cannot be used for window mobile device, centre, or other desktop fragmentations. optionally the users can register an icon on the screen of their desktop of computer or mobile to have quick setup. Now we are going to discuss both the methods to set up your Netgear routers, like EX8000, R7000, R7800, R6400, ETC. 

Using the Old smart setup wizard for setup

  1. First of all, the basic installation is must, to acquire the Smart setup wizard
  2. Click at "Attached Devices" to find the IP address. This option can be found under the Maintenance Menu. 
  3. There you will find the IP address that your device is using to hook up with the Wi-Fi connection. 
  4. Step up to LAN setup beneath the ADVANCED key of your router.
  5. Now, step up to "Address reservation" click “Add" Now, type the IP address, the MAC address of the device and also explain a little about your device name.
  6. In order to save the changes and the information input by you hit the "Add" tab.

Finding the interface of the router using the NETGEAR Genie setup

  1. Same as above you have to start this process with the login into your router that means the basic installation.
  2. Click at the "Attached Devices" to find the IP address of your device. This option can be found under the Maintenance Menu.
  3. There the IP address can easily be found, note it down for future administration.
  4. At the ADVANCED setup tab, click the pointer of your mouse and then go towards Setup, and then LAN setup.
  5. Again, go to the "Address Reservation" and then click to the ADD tab. 
  6. The Ip address, such as 192.168.1.x, also type the MAC address along with device descriptions.
  7. By tapping on to ADD you will be able to save the changes. 


How to connect our setup to configure the cable Internet modem and the router?

  • Launch a web browser that you have inside your computer and the end device that you will be using. The device must have connected with the network of your router.
  • Then comes the smart setup wizard that you have to enter into the Addy of the browser, like setup 
  • Moreover, you can enter the IP address of the router that is or
  • Then comes the most important step to enter the username and the password of the router. Admin is the default user name for your router and Password is the default password for your router.
  • In case these credentials do not work that means you have changed it, then you have to perform the factory reset process to reset the router. Follow the article "How to perform a soft console for my NETGEAR R series routers?" on wizard.
  • At the left corner of your computer's screen, there will be an option for "Setup Wizard".
  • Clicking the setup wizard, a screen will be displayed to you, there you have to click YES and then click NEXT.
  • As you hit the next key, the setup wizard will award you your internet connection. Again, click next.
  • After saving the settings, the router will connect to the internet automatically.
  • To clarify that you are connected to the internet, select "Router Status" by clicking at the "Maintenance" tab.